TumblRipper V2

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TumblRipper is a tool designed to backup your blog's images with just a few clicks. It supports updating and will only download new images, unless you ask it to !
Tumblripper requires .NET framework 4.0

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For every donation, you'll receive a serial, unlocking advanced features
Much faster download engine, multiple tumblrs, ...



  • Supports Tumblr blogs, Tumblr tags, 500px, Instragram and FlickR !!
  • Auto-update from application
  • Automatically download all photos and videos from a given blog.
  • Photosets support for Tumblr
  • Will always retrieve highest possible resolution (not just the thumbnail)
  • Only photos you don't already have yet will be downloaded.
  • As light as possible on the servers
  • Keep the original dates from the original upload !



  • Bugfixes


  • BugFix: Fixed crash if blog got deleted by Tumblr
  • BugFix: Tumblr changed Video handling.


  • BugFix: Better file downloading (no more partial downloads)
  • BugFix: OutOfMemory Problems with the "LastImage" field
  • BugFix: Random Error Messages related to the LastImage in the Grid
  • Feature: Revised download engine (again)
  • Feature: TumblR support


  • BugFix: Download engine wouldn't re-start once stopped
  • BugFix: Dead links would remain in pending queue
  • BugFix: TotalPosts would increment by 1 after every update
  • Feature: Revised download engine
  • Feature: Row height can be specified
  • Feature: Instagram support
  • Feature: 500px support
  • Feature: Wizard to add a blog
  • Feature: LastPost shows last downloaded image


  • BugFix: Photosets option would crash with big blogs.
  • Feature: UI optimization for licence
  • Feature: UI will remember column width


  • BugFix: delete a blog deleted all files if you answered "keep files"
  • BugFix: fixed some issues with some serials not working
  • Feature: Added a "Send Debug Info" under HELP Menu. Use to send me your settings file so i can debug problems :)


  • Removed support for likes, as tumblr changed it's code


  • Complete rewrite



    My blog has been marked as NSFW, and TumblRipper can't index it anymore

    I am currently finishing code on version3, which handles these cases. You can join the beta testing on the TumblRipper facebook page
  • I've donated but never received a serial ?

    Please check your SPAM folder ! You can have your serial re-sent here
  • My Serial doesn't work / I don't have a serial but donated

    In the application, click on "unlock tumblripper" and then the "Lost Serial" button, then follow instructions
  • Do you have a version for Mac ?

    The old version was compatible with MONO. The new version i haven't tested, but *should* work. Once i have access to a mac i'll test things out.
  • I sent you a mail and you never replyed

    I must apologize, i'm getting *a lot* of mails recently, and usually reply to all emails, good or bad. Just send it again, i must have forgotten it.