a 15px dashboard for windows.

It's the missing feature in Windows. Keep an eye on your system, and know what is going on.
Completely modular, add the modules you want, even multiple times !

After writing it and using it personally for now 6 years, i felt it was time to polish it up a bit and share it with the world

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The demo is limited to 3 hours at a time.
Re-launch the application every 3hours or just go crazy and buy it for the low price of 9€

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  • Fully Customizable, with options for some modules
  • Comes with three Themes, Dark, Light and SeeThru
  • Can be on top or bottom of the screen of your choice
  • Modules :
  • Uptime Meter : Show how long your computer's been on
  • Cpu Graph : Show you cpu usage over the last minute
  • Ram Usage : Show your ram usage / free
  • Volume : Change your global sound volume in a second + mute
  • DU Meter : Shows the upload/download rate for a network card
  • Disk Usage : Shows Disk Usage + Right Click menu for Eject+Explore
  • CPU Freq : Shows your current cpu frequency
  • Keyboard Lock : Locks-up your keyboard ( Child-lock )
  • Shortcuts : add shortcuts to any app
  • Battery : show battery usage